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Posted on 05-10-2018

Protect Your Neck and Spine This Summer

Summertime Safety Tips For Outdoor Fun!

Ahh! Summertime and the living is easy. Or, it hurts! With the warmer temperatures, most of us are heading outdoors for summer activities and chores. The more active we are, the more our chances of injuring our spine and neck increase. So, what can you do to stay safe this summer and avoid neck and spine pain?

Water, water, everywhere!  We all learned, at a young age, not to dive in shallow water. This is not just a casual warning. If you don't know how deep the water is, or if you don't know what lie beneath the surface-please heed this warning! Diving in shallow or unknown waters can lead to serious neck and/or spinal injuries, including paralysis.

Golfing Safety: No one would consider golf to be a sport that could cause injury. But it can cause lower back injuries. When we swing a golf club, our lumbar spine goes through a twisting motion. This can cause disc herniation or chronic back pain. A few tips to avoid these injuries:

                  *Stretch. Stretching prior to teeing off, or any physical activity, allows your muscles to work in a more relaxed condition.

                   *Core Strengthening. Strengthening the core will help golfers not over-swing(the cause of pain!).

                   *Stop over training. Golfers(and all athletes) should listen to their bodies and recognize when they are overdoing it.

Gardening Tips: Its time to spruce up the yard and garden! However, doing too much strenuous work in one session can cause, or aggravate, neck and back pain. In order to avoid injury, divide bigger tasks into smaller segments.

Shoe Safety: As much as we all love freeing our feet from the confines of cold weather boots and sneakers, be careful with your summer footwear choices. When walking any distance, avoid sandals and flip flops. Wear sneakers or hiking boots to avoid trips and falls.

If you do find yourself aching, soothe your pain with an ice pack! It will reduce your inflammation, and cool off at the same time!

Enjoy the sun! And..stay safe!


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