Back Pain

Back pain is not a normal part of life. Though many people struggle with back pain due to injury, disease, degenerative conditions, or other reasons, there is often help available, including comprehensive back pain relief. At Baseline Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression Center LLC in Lafayette, we offer comprehensive chiropractic care that includes back pain treatment. No matter what you feel or how difficult it is for you to move and engage with life, we may be able to offer you treatment.


Chiropractic Care for Back Pain Treatment

There are various factors that can cause back pain. Our initial step is to provide a full examination to uncover what occurred and why. This will allow us to create a customized treatment plan to address the underlying cause of your pain. Our goal is to help support the body’s natural ability to heal. That means we do not use invasive treatment or medication. Instead, we use holistic strategies that can work to reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

Back Pain Relief from Chiropractic Adjustments

One of the most common ways we can help our clients is with chiropractic adjustments. This process involves the gentle force and use of pressure on the spinal column. It allows us to help move the spinal column into the proper position. Doing this allows for relief from the nerve damage that typically occurs and causes the pain you feel.

This type of back pain treatment can offer a range of benefits to you:

  • It works to reduce inflammation and swelling in the impacted area by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • There is no pain or complicated therapy involved.
  • You will find that you will see improvement right away, and that improvement is likely to increase over time as we continue to support your health.

In addition to this type of help for back pain relief, we will also use supportive strategies, including massage therapy, decompression therapy, and other therapies that encourage natural healing and support full back pain relief. With back pain treatment, we can provide you with the support you need to heal and get active again. Even if you have dealt with back pain most of your life, this is one treatment option that can be applied now.

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Let our chiropractor near you in Lafayette help you to find the back pain treatment best suited for your needs. Contact Baseline Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression Center LLC now to set up an appointment for an exam and initial treatment to get the pain relief you deserve.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I was having continuous pain in my lower back and hips, and was diagnosed with a herniated disc. It was painful to sit, stand, and especially sleep. Rolling over during the night would wake me up from a sound sleep. Driving was difficult. Since being treated with non-surgical spinal decompression, I’m virtually pain free all of the time. I’m sleeping soundly and standing all day to teach, pain free! The spinal decompression has been a miracle for my life. I’m feeling better and I believe all my organs are working better because my spine is not in trauma."
    Ron Orwell, Louisville
  • "I was having constant back and leg cramping. I was tired of living on pills. I was limited on my daily activities due to this. Since being treated on the Decompression my back and legs feel good. I get a good night sleep, and am no longer limited on my activities. I recommend this treatment for anyone living with back and leg pain. You are not going to meet any nicer people then here."
    Faye Abeyeta, Lafayette